Local Lunch Plate

In Hawaii, many kinds of local style plate lunch are available. Most of them are less than $10 and make you stomachful.  You can enjoy the sidepieces as well as meat and fish. My favorite is “Mac Salad” – macaroni salad !

Kaka’ako Kitchen is one of the best plate lunch restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Ward Center. So you can stop by after shopping in the mall. You have choices of salad and rice for each plate. My favorite is “Mac Salad” and brown rice.

If you like seafood, the best one is Nicho’s Pier 38 in the harbor area and it takes approx. 20 minutes from Waikiki. It’s across the Nimitz Highway on the way from Honolulu Int’l Airport. I am sure it’s  the best seafood plate in Honolulu around.

When you take a short trip to the North Shore, take a lunch at Macky’s Sweet Shrimp or Giovanni’s. I heard there’re some fish farms in Kahuku around the North Shore and we can have fresh shrimp there.  The Garlic Shrimp plate is the most popular. Coconuts or Lemon Pepper shrimp is also good

Macky’s Shrimp is in business by lunch coach- funny junk van ! You can have it beneath the tepees by the coach.

66-632 Kamehameha Hwy Haleiwa, HI 96712   ph. 808-780-1071

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