KCC Farmers’ Market

If you have a “Saturday ” on your trip to Honolulu, I strongly recommend to visit the KCC Farmers’ Market rising up a little bit earlier. There you can have  fresh and organic farm products which you can renew your awareness of  eating food. If you cannot have time for the market on Saturday, you can go other similar ones in Blaisdell Center or Kailua Town Center every Wednesday or Thursday. You can get the information with their website as well.
PACIFICOOL ISLAND  GINGER COOLER is one my best ginger ale. They squeeze fresh lemon and some basil and add ginger syrup and carbonated water in your sight. That’s it !  The original ginger ale $2.50 is simply great as well.

The freshly fried “Green Tomato” is also unique and most people never have had. Have a bite ! The fresh green tomato melts in your mouth softly.  I love the tartar sauce, too.

Try the local grown whole pineapple ! This is the best pineapple I’ve had ever. The Seller told me he would get me back the money I payed if it tasted bad.  I could understood his confidence as soon as I had a bite. You will get hooked on its scentful flesh. Currently a lot of pineapple fields has been changed to coffee plantation because Hawaiian coffee got much in demand these day and growing pineapple cost much. However, the local pineapple brought up with tender loving care is still great.  

People always form a long line for  Pizza made with the “North Shore Farm Big Wave Tomato”. It’s not only light and healthy but pretty yummy !

You can see more fresh vegetable and fruit there. Mango, Tomato, Leaves and more… all don’t disappoint you. I guarantee !

Check out the date and hours at the website of KCC Farmers’ Market.  Parking lot is available close to the market,  You should be there before  10:30am if you don’t want to miss the food.

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