Wai’oli Tea Room

Not only ocean sports ! You can also enjoy trekking  in the rainforest just 15 minutes away from Waikiki Beach. It’s Manoa Falls

After you trek around to the fall,  Wai’oli Tea Room is waiting for you. It’s the best place for you to take a rest.

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Chef Mavro

If you are fanatic about wine, you have to visit Chef Mavro.  They set up some courses for each season. A lot of people become repeat guests since they can enjoy the different taste from the previous one. In side the restaurant it’s not bold and extravagant. You soon love the place in a quiet and calm atmosphere. I like the interior – it’s so sophisticated !

Chef Mavro made a big name with his great career in famous restaurants and hotels. After he opened his restaurant he has ever won distinguished award.

He always uses the freshness of the ingredients. So you can enjoy high quality fish, meet and vegetables from all over the world.

Anyway the wine lovers say it’s one of the best french restaurants in the world  !

It’s good for you to make a reservation on your special night.

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3660 On The Rise

3660 On The Rise is another great restaurant  you can have unique dishes you’ve never had. They call it Euro-Island Cuisine. The menu reflects local flavors enhanced with the diverse cuisines of Europe and Asia.

The great thing is that they use really fresh foodstuff.  You can enjoy not only the taste of food but the plate presentations. You can enjoy not only the taste of food but the plate presentations.

If you visit the restaurant for the first time, take their sampler.  you can enjoy most tastes of their signature ones in one plate.

Ahi-Katsu is also recommended.–“Katsu” means cutlet in Japanese. Japanese people often have this kind of cutlet made of pork, chicken and fish.  They are really quite a cook !! Ahi is so tender and the surrounding  fried part is light and not too greasy.

It’s located in the residential block called Kaimuki, 10 minutes from Waikiki area and crowded with a lot of local people every night. Kaka’ako Kitchen I’ve introduced previously a few days ago belongs to this restaurant. You will understand the reason why Kaka’ako is also great.

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A lot of  celebrated chefs are in Hawaii and race to serve their creative dishes. One of my favorite is the restaurant called  Hoku’s located in The Kahara Hotel. Every single dish they serve from Appetizer to Desert doesn’t let you down.

When you take a seat, you can have home made bread first and it comes with the special tuna tasted dip. This is amazing ! Don’t take too much for the rest of the dishes.  Rosted duck is also great, large in quantity though. The chef is supposed to know quite a bit about both Japanese and Chinese food. So The harmony of oriental flavor always makes me happy.

Last time we visited Hoku’s for our annversary dinner and they served up special anniversary desert.

You can have outstanding raw fish there. it might be the best in Honolulu around. I recommend you to take some Sushi or Sashimi as well as cooked items.  Ahi Poke is also good choice.

Don’t forget to check the hotel lobby before leaving. The neat furniture and illumination lamps which are not pomp nor pageant make you feel at peace.

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Local Lunch Plate

In Hawaii, many kinds of local style plate lunch are available. Most of them are less than $10 and make you stomachful.  You can enjoy the sidepieces as well as meat and fish. My favorite is “Mac Salad” – macaroni salad !

Kaka’ako Kitchen is one of the best plate lunch restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Ward Center. So you can stop by after shopping in the mall. You have choices of salad and rice for each plate. My favorite is “Mac Salad” and brown rice.

If you like seafood, the best one is Nicho’s Pier 38 in the harbor area and it takes approx. 20 minutes from Waikiki. It’s across the Nimitz Highway on the way from Honolulu Int’l Airport. I am sure it’s  the best seafood plate in Honolulu around.

When you take a short trip to the North Shore, take a lunch at Macky’s Sweet Shrimp or Giovanni’s. I heard there’re some fish farms in Kahuku around the North Shore and we can have fresh shrimp there.  The Garlic Shrimp plate is the most popular. Coconuts or Lemon Pepper shrimp is also good

Macky’s Shrimp is in business by lunch coach- funny junk van ! You can have it beneath the tepees by the coach.

66-632 Kamehameha Hwy Haleiwa, HI 96712   ph. 808-780-1071

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KCC Farmers’ Market

If you have a “Saturday ” on your trip to Honolulu, I strongly recommend to visit the KCC Farmers’ Market rising up a little bit earlier. There you can have  fresh and organic farm products which you can renew your awareness of  eating food. If you cannot have time for the market on Saturday, you can go other similar ones in Blaisdell Center or Kailua Town Center every Wednesday or Thursday. You can get the information with their website as well.
PACIFICOOL ISLAND  GINGER COOLER is one my best ginger ale. They squeeze fresh lemon and some basil and add ginger syrup and carbonated water in your sight. That’s it !  The original ginger ale $2.50 is simply great as well.
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